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Recently we had the opportunity to sit down with dancer, influencer and lifestyle personality Kalyn James.  From her straight-out-of-high-school teaching stint with the Universal Dance Association to becoming the first ever black woman to win Miss Alabama, our conversation with her was most fulfilling. Below is a little bit of perspective we've gathered from our time with her.

We hope you find it as inspiring as we did!


"As we age the body changes. The bones get brittle, muscle tone decreases and the endurance wanes. We lose a lot of self esteem and self confidence when we don’t like what see in the mirror. As a mother, as a partner, I have to keep going. Keeping my body as a fine tuned instrument fine has always been important in keeping up with the demands of the times as well as my own personal evolution."


"As if two daughters, a full time job in fund raising and a tv show on PBS wasn't enough, I was also teaching Barre fitness classes. It feels great to be able to contribute to and interact with positive women who are not afraid to work hard, who know who they want to be and will not hesitate to go after it.."

"The body is not merely an aesthetic piece, but rather the quintessential instrument for living.." - Kalyn James


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